Welcome new and old players. Remember, all are welcome - residents and non-residents alike. Bring a friend and lean on any younger swimmers that you may know. As always, remember to leave the pool in great shape at the end of practice and to exit evening practices quickly and quietly.

League Info

If you are new to the team, welcome and rest assured that the team's emphasis and the emphasis of the league is on fun enjoyable competition with a focus on learning the basics of the sport. The water polo league consists of six teams in the northend and several in the southend. Nearly, all of our games are against northend teams such as View Ridge and Innis Arden.

We play in age groups starting with the 10-and-unders and up to the high school age players. There are also occasional 8-and-under games. Most games are co-ed, although there are a number of games just for girls. It is pretty relaxed, so do not worry if you cannot make every practice - we know August is vacation time. Just let us know your schedule so we can plan accordingly. A player's age group is determined by their age on June 15th.


Head CoachCoach Thor999-5686thortyson@comcast.net

Practice Schedule

June 22 - July 22Monday & Wednesday8:45-9:45 p.m.
July 27 - August 27Monday - ThursdayMornings and Evenings (see schedule page)

Sometimes the schedule changes slightly, so make sure we have your email address so we can keep you up to date. Morning and evening practices are open to all and are provided to try to better fit our summer schedule. No one is expected to come to both practices, although a few hardy souls often do so.


Social Club Members$60Checks payable to Blue Ridge Water Polo

The money collected for dues goes to equipment, league dues and assistant coaches. Nonresidents pay more because the social club members pay yearly dues, a large portion of which goes towards the operation of the pool.

Game Schedule

The game schedule is also on the calendar, but note that it is subject to change. Also, for those of you who are new, this schedule looks awful in terms of the amount of time required, but it is not as bad as it appears. The times given are for all of the games. We will only have one, or sometimes, two games in the window. You will not be hanging out at the pool for five hours every Friday!

Typically, with our numbers, we ask players to play in their age group plus the next group above (this is very common for most teams). That means, that a 10-year old might play the 10 and under game and the 12 and under game. If this does not work due to being overscheduled that is not a problem.

Volunteer Help

Unlike swimming, water polo does not require hoards of helpers. We may ask parents to occasionally bring a goodie to share for games. The main times that we need help are during games when we need help with running a small concession stand and keeping the score of games. We will let you know as those dates approach. We could use someone who is handy with tools to work on a couple of things like repairing goals and the like. Let Coach Thor know if you are interested. Thanks.